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Mighty Mobile Photography.

These days I am doing a lot of travelling mostly on official purpose. Now it is not always possible for me to carry my DSLR. But the photographer in me never dies. I just keep on looking for the scenes imagining my canvas. It was then for the first time I gave a serious thought to mobile photography. For me it has always been about taking selfies , photos of my family and my pet dog.

Our phone is always with us and these days even a budget phone comes with quad cameras and specs like 64 megapixels etc. As it is said the best camera is what you can use, not what you have. We always have our phones.

The first time I was introduced to DSLR, I just loved the gadget. The reason was great photos also that you look super cool with this gadget and ofcourse the bokeh effect etc. You can change the lenses etc but to be honest, DSLRs are a lot of work. To properly master DSLR I believe you need at least 2 months. While using a DSLR you have to adjust shutter speed, aperture iso etc. And even the auto mode is ok but it can be subject to the price of your camera also as they are bulky and lastly there is always a problem of camera shake while shooting at night or lower shutter speed. And if you are a shy photographer like me it can DSLRs with big lenses can become overwhelming particularly when it comes to street photography.

Enter mobile phones! They are small, sleek handy always in our pockets. They work like point shoot cameras with smaller lens and supercomputing skills. So, all you need to do is just point and shoot. The focusing is easy you just need to click on the object increasing exposure with a small brightness tab appearing on the screen. Even shooting in manual mode on mobile is easy. Unlike DSLRs which have so many confusing elements. You need to have proper knowledge of the exposure triangle i.e aperture shutter speed & iso and manage the three elements while clicking a photo .Then there are focal points, there is even a manual and autofocus on the lens too. On top of that DSLRs are like another person travelling with you, with a big bag containing different lenses , tripods charger etc.

I am not saying this is unnecessary but it's confusing and can be cumbersome and time consuming.I believe Mobile photography has that simplicity that lets the artist in us go wild without worrying about the jargons. After all, what matters is the composition. Just like you can have the most expensive brush but you won’t become Michael Angelo or Da Vinci similar case is with photography DSLR or mobile they are simply a tool . Photography is about your perception of the world.

Mobiles also have a hidden weapon, their software. Ever wondered what made photos from I Phone, Google Pixel so great? It's because of their software. And it constantly gets an upgrade. Megapixels don't really matter anything above 12 is cool. The software makes the photos great plus they are packed with tons of features. If you use the lightroom app their mobile app allows you to click photos and edit right there.

For some type of photography like wildlife, you need a DSLR and a zoom lens but for the rest like clicking landscape, mobiles are awesome. For street photography Mobiles are the best.

So, don’t be shy and just click, edit use some filters and let your imagination fly.

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