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Aspirations to save the word

Ever thought about what you are doing? Why are you doing this?

As a kid, I imagined if I just had one superpower, it would be to make a tree grow at my will or save all the animals; Dr Do Little inspired me to make animals go on a mutiny. As an adult now working as a civil engineer, all my actions are against the dreams that a small kid had. Yes, I do some photography, but does it have any impact? The dream is nowhere, only stillness and some sadness.

Saving the environment and stopping global warming are fancy topics; I drive a car that emits smoke, my house runs on electricity produced by coal, none of the items I use can be decomposed in less than 1000 years, and I always want to travel fast on highways (Planning to buy an SUV) to reach the destination at the earliest, On those big highways that have been made by cutting so many trees. It is a graveyard for the animals crossing, but I feel sad when I see a dead dog or cat by the side of the road, but I prefer to move along.

So whenever I go out in the wild to click some photographs and hear that someone is planning a project here and a lot of trees will be cut, it doesn't anger me because deep down, I know I am at fault.

So yes, my aspirations and dreams were to save the environment, but as with so many things in life, this also seems unfulfilled. This blog is just a way to share my thoughts. At least here, I can fight, and at least here, I can share my views.

So what should we do to save the environment?

I believe the first thing is we should plan

Plan our cities and town's future development, plan all the highways take a 100-year horizon. So that we can fix what we want; we can't go about using our resources like this.

Second, compensate countries with forest cover, this is tricky, but I believe the current forests anywhere on Earth have to be protected for us to survive. Even if one country saves its forest and the other doesn't, climate change won't stop, so countries with good forest cover should be incentivised to save their forests.

Third. Fossil fuels can't go yet, but the technology for alternate fuels should develop faster and at war footing like some alien ship is coming, and this is the only way out! All countries should focus on this, and the technology should be transferred.

These are just some of my ideas to stop Global warming at least.

But you know, deep down, I know...




That we are doomed, as it depends on the governments and us; as I said earlier, we aren't changing, so yes, we are doomed.

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